Why More?

How come every time the word “wedding” gets a mention, you seem to pay more?

We believe it is unreasonable if a premium is applied to certain goods and services just because you are arranging a wedding.

However, when you rent a house such as Alawara Mansion for a DIY wedding as opposed to just a holiday, management has a much higher workload and cost.

Additional Work & Costs

We experience a much higher workload and cost for stays that include a wedding or event. For example: –

  • Additional cleaning inside and out (e.g. paths generally need high-pressure cleaning)
  • Extra rubbish removal
  • More refrigeration (i.e. we provide a large commercial refrigerator in the Frog & Toad for events to ensure there will always be plenty of refrigeration for an event of up to 50 people. The fridge is normally available for hire at a cost of $110, but is included for weddings and events).
  • Extra gardening and ground presentation (i.e. we take much pride in presenting the property for weddings – higher care is required and more time is taken to prepare for your stay).
  • Greater wear and tear on the property and furniture (e.g. furniture is usually moved around).
  • Increased service and administration in relation to inspections, deliveries and queries.
  • Residing onsite to ensure legal compliance with State and Local Government legislation.
  • Attending the start of your event to ensure correct parking and compliance with the terms and conditions. The role is predominantly to greet your guests and assist them with parking, a role that has proven to be very much appreciated by guests who are more often focussed entirely on personal preparation. We also are present at 10pm to ensure noise is minimised and departure of non-residents is conducted in an orderly manner by 11pm.

It’s also true that people holding weddings and events will generally ask for much more assistance than holiday guests – but that’s fine with us, so long as you’re okay with their conditions.

High Season Prices

Alawara Mansion is an accommodation house and we do not profit from your function. We want you to have a great time, but not at the expense of our business. If our neighbours are upset, our ongoing accommodation business is at risk.

Therefore, we need to cover the cost of responsibly permitting your wedding or event, so High Season prices and Conditions apply to your stay as follows: –

Minimum 4 nights – not negotiable


Alawara Mansion sleeps 22 people, but for weddings and events, the above-mentioned prices include our private apartment and guest room (normally $175 per night) to accommodate 26 people – over half of your guests!

In a Nutshell

An event venue for 50 guests including accommodation for 26 guests can cost a fortune – and a DIY wedding or event at Alawara Mansion will likely save you many thousands of dollars and bring an amazing “wow” factor to your day.

So if you are happy with our event conditions and prices, please ask for a formal quote by email to kb@alawara.com.au (Karen).

Otherwise, we wish you the very best for your special day!