Owner’s Consent

You can operate a DIY wedding at Alawara Mansion or another property that is not defined as a “Party House”, but do really you need consent from the owners or managers to do so?

Why not just rent a suitable house on the pretence it’s just a family holiday? Perhaps you might forget to mention your true intention, because whenever you say the word “wedding”, the price seems to increase – why is that?

Well apart from dishonesty, to assume you can hold a DIY wedding at a rental house is fraught with danger and to proceed with a DIY wedding or function without consent may have dire consequences such as the loss of your security deposit (e.g. $3,000) and immediate eviction without refund – not the sort of thing you want on your special day!

So be upfront about your plans because it is likely the “Terms and Conditions” of your rental agreement prohibit functions or parties without consent; and losing your bond may be minor in comparison to being sued for breach of contract and consequential loss. Yes, renting an expensive piece of real estate is a serious business and you need to understand what the owners or managers will allow – and what they will not.

When you rent Alawara Mansion, the terms and conditions strictly prohibit DIY weddings and events unless they are conducted with the consent of management. And in consideration of neighbours and onsite facilities, management will only consent to your wedding or function under strict conditions.

Term & Conditions @ Alawara Mansion 

Each property will have a different set of terms of conditions, but at Alawara Mansion, consent will generally be granted if you are happy to agree to the following restrictions: –

  • A maximum of 50 people may attend Alawara Mansion for your wedding or event, which includes guests in residence. The condition is imposed because the amenities at Alawara Mansion are not capable of supporting groups larger than 50. Remember, you are renting a residential house, not a function centre.
  • No event is to be set-up on the Property’s lawns (e.g. no marquees). Apart from damage to the grounds, the condition seeks to avoid any undue disturbance to neighbours. Wedding ceremonies are held in a wedding gazebo that is constructed on the grounds at Alawara Mansion for that specific purpose; but the event must otherwise be conducted elsewhere on the property (i.e. Receptions are held in the Von Trapp room – a small ballroom located in the main building).
  • No live music or DJs are permitted. Noise and music must be kept to acceptable levels at all times of the day and night and you must not create noise which is offensive to neighbours, especially between 10pm and 8am and during arrival and departure. Whilst the condition applies, management will generally agree to some forms of entertainment (e.g. background musicians), although the stereo systems at Alawara Mansion are generally more than sufficient for an event with up to 50 guests. iPod connections are available for your use.
  • No equipment or furniture may be hired and brought to Alawara Mansion without permission. This condition provides management the opportunity to monitor the amount and type of items that you may wish to hire for your event.
  • All music must cease by 10pm and all visitors (i.e. guests not residing at the Property) must leave the property by 11pm. Alawara Mansion is located in a rural residential neighbourhood and the condition is in consideration of neighbours.
  • All motor vehicles must be parked within Alawara Mansion (i.e. inside the front gates). The condition is to ensure that neighbours access to their properties is not affected by your event – a situation frowned upon by Council.

It is perfectly understandable that these conditions will not suit everyone, but if the restrictions do not sit well with you, it’s probably best you look for an alternative venue where you can fulfil your dreams.

It’s really a matter of assessing your priorities and means – the number of guests, the costs, your entertainment requirements and the “wow” factor you desire.

In some cases, a community hall may be ideal for a DIY wedding – but often a couple will simply need to abandon their idea of a DIY wedding and go to a function or reception centre that can accommodate their guest numbers and live up to their vision.