Is it Legal?

Properties such as Alawara Mansion are accommodation houses for short-term holidays – they are not licensed to operate as Reception or Function Centres.

If they were, you would not be talking to them about your DIY wedding. Instead, you would be discussing menus, drink packages, settings and other options.

For many years, you could rent a property such as Alawara Mansion to hold your DIY wedding. However, in 2014, the Queensland Government introduced new regulations giving local councils the power to determine how to deal with the issue of “Party Houses”, being short-term accommodation houses which operate as pseudo function-centres.

Designed to stop rogue operators from holding wild parties in suburbia, Gold Coast City Council adopted the laws, which also gave them the power to identify “party house restriction areas” where residential properties are forbidden from operating.

IMG_2101Gold Coast City Council now controls “Party Houses” through licensing and licences are only granted in major tourism suburbs such as Surfers Paradise.

So thanks to reckless and irresponsible operators, renting a house for a DIY wedding or event on the Gold Coast is near impossible today.

But now for some good news!

You can still hold a DIY wedding at any house that is not legally defined as a “Party House”, or at your home or local hall.

goldcoastweddinghouseAlawara Mansion is not a “Party House” because its owners maintain a separate residence on the property, which they occupy during your stay.

In other words, Alawara Mansion does not fit the definition of a “Party House” and as a consequence, you can operate your DIY wedding at the property.

In a nutshell

You can have a DIY wedding at Alawara Mansion because the owners live onsite. However, consent is required and only granted under strict conditions, which will not suit everyone.